Tuesday, November 22, 2005

An Afternoon with Gene De Filippo

Well "Sports Therapy" is done.. and it's going to kill! I think it's going to be played at bball games for all eternity.

I arrived at the office at around 3 o clock to a frantic Jerry York saying with a giant grin on his face "I got practice in 25 minutes, what exactly are we doing here?" The other Coaches, Ainslee and Andrea were waiting patiently on the couch, probably having the slightest of an idea of what I was planning on doing. So I explained the premise, and filmed them first. Mr. York took one take on both shots. Specifically, when he finished saying "He's such a good listener", he grabbed his coat and BOLTED out the door. It was an honor meeting such a legend here at BC.

Meanwhile, Baldwin waited patiently during the whole thing, and eventually moved into the office with Gene who was really accomodating and friendly. Cara Feinberg from BC Magazine eventually showed up and sat in on the shoot. I laid out the whole thing for Gene, reading him the whole script that Woody wrote. I honestly had no idea what he was thinking... he probably thought I was the one that should be on the shrink's bed. But he agreed to do it.

Let's play Q & A
Q: How long did the whole thing take?
A: About 40 minutes. We broke things up into pieces to make it easier

Q: G-Unit? Wow that sure is funny!"
A: Originally Woody and I thought he would have just a small idea of what that's about. The minute I said the words "G-Unit" he busts out "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-unit!!!" like the eloquent 50 cent himself. Apparently all of the athletes call "Coach Flip" by that nomenclature.

Q: Do you think I'm a kook? Wow that sure is funny!"
A: Originally, it was written as, "Can I get a hug?" and Baldwin was going to shake his head no. But Gene insisted we change it to a much funnier "Do you think I'm a kook?"

Q: Is that a REAL picture of him and Coach Skinner?
A: Yes it is. And I had to make sure it was in this commercial.

Q: Was he frustrated or frazzled at all?
A: He was very very calm and patient the whole time. What a blessing

Q: I wanna hear more about Baldwin, golly!
A: Well, we taped glasses to his face.... because they wouldn't fit otherwise. Baldwin was a great sport the whole time, too.

So those are some fun facts... I even got a cool fleece out of it. So enjoy Gene and the coaches. They sure are talented.

Enjoy the day, The BC wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving



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