Monday, October 31, 2005

Those technical updates

This is the webmaster, giving an update on the behind-the-scenes stuff going on with The BC. First off, we have moved servers. No longer are we using our student accounts to host the video and webpages. We have been promoted to 'club' status and as such we now have webspace within the speedier connection of Boston College's main pages.

What does this mean for you out there in TV Land? Nothing. Well that's not entirely accurate. Going to will still take you to the main page, it'll just load up a tiny bit quicker. The videos will still play the same. But that does bring me to my next point.

As of now, if you head to the 'video' page, you can now download a much higher quality version of Episode 2. This is a major change. We were limited to offering low quality video to ensure it would fit in the limits of student accounts (and spread out over quite a few of them). Now, we can have higher quality video for you to view, so if you were waiting for a high quality version of Episode 2, now it is up and ready to download.

Keep checking back on the main page and the blog for continued updates on 'The BC.'
Adam Shipley


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