Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday Excitement

I love Wednesdays. It means a new commercial and a new poll. I love our new commercial, how informative yet irreverent. I hope you've already checked it out. Also, I've installed weekly polls. Last week the poll was over which commercial was the best yet, and 'St Ignatius Started the Fire' won handily. Current poll: who's your favorite character on 'The BC'. You decide!

Other than that, it's always fun to get reactions from people, so leave a comment on this blog about what you think of the commercials... what you like, what they're missing. We love feedback!

Keep checking back here for more updates about 'The BC' with another episode in the works and new commercials every week, this truly is the new hot spot!
Adam Shipley


Anonymous Sara Ann Mehltretter said...

The BC keeps me sane. ;-) Love the Wednesday fixes, and I can't wait for episode 3. I keep sending the link to all my BC buddies, getting them to view it.

You had Don Hafner singing Cher. Officially, you rock the house.

10:21 AM  

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