Friday, November 04, 2005

Newbury Madness

Well, with our pledge to bring filming to new and exciting levels, we decided to shoot a scene on Newbury Street. So Hanlon, Cherkezian, Woody, Laura and myself ventured downtown. It ended up being a good scene... well, we think. We couldn't find a place to park.. Anwar's car (The guy who tells the story of a puppy named sparky in episode 2) almost got towed... And yeah, thats all the excitement at Newbury.

All of our mouths dropped when they advertised the "The BC" segment on Fox25 during "The OC"... the segment itself was amazing, three minutes in length, and will eventually get on the website.
We're sending clip reels to Disney... weird saying that aloud. "disney". its fun, very bisyllabic.
With good buddy Brendan Sage, we're working on making MP3's of "St. Ignatius started the fire" for convenient Ipod Usage
I saw Sean Marshall today and I yelled, "I hate puns"
Mike and I hate when before people fight, they hit their fist into their hands really fast

PS sorry for the random picture of us. Sexiness of this quantity cannot be ignored.


Blogger Princetongirlmac said...

Woody & Joe:

When is FOX airing the B.C segment?My sister's who live up in the belvedere are new fans to your show and they would love to watch th segment.
I would love to too,but Im currently going to school in NJ.
Also congrats on the disney buzz I hope it all goes well...which it will.

And one more thing...

It's true...The sexiness of you guys, of that quantity, cannot be ignored.

6:26 PM  

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