Thursday, November 03, 2005

Everything on Fire... finally lyrics.

Ok ok ok enough already. Hold the phone. I'm finally going to put the lyrics up for "St. Ignatius Started the Fire". Guestbook guru Alex (A&S '97)...i seriously think his last name is (A&S '97)...actually wrote out ALL lyrics to the song. I was very impressed... a few mistakes here and there, but overall 99% accuracy! Amazing! I am going to have to change some lyrics if we want this on the jumbo tron... (The BU sucks line...), but other than that, enjoy it.

Quick updates: The "The BC" DVD looks INCREDIBLE! As if Midas himself touched it to gold. the METRO is coming on campus to interview us on Monday... (that's how you know you're big, baby!) And CBS Evening News next thursday. Exciting stuff, you'll here more about it later.
- NELITA, big ups, you rock our world. We'll be visiting you guys soon dont worry


fun fact of the day: I wrote this song two years ago.... when it was 2003. Hey, I improvised, what do you want from me?!

Doug Flutie, orange bowl, Father Leahy, maroon and gold
Campus Ministry, Cleveland circle, walk around the quad
Craig Smith, Darcel Clark, Kiwanuka, MiddleMarch
Robsham Theater, Corcoran Commons, fence around the Mods

Chris O'Donnell, Gasson Hall, Boston College basketball
Tim Russert, Online Polls, banners in the dust bowl
Hasselback, blue lights, cheese steaks at late night
Sake Bombing, abercrombie, Boston is extremely cold

A bunch of ignatians, made a collegiate invasion
Two years after 2003
our claim to fame, is setting the world aflame

Conte Forum, Now You Know, Superfans, DeFilippo
DL Hughley, Father Himes, I hate my registration time.
Doug Flutie Likes Girls, Service trips around the world,
Herald, Boston Globe, now we got The New York Times.
Josh Ott, Beanpot, can we have more parking lots?
WebCT and AIM, Jesuits are back again.
Irish Room, job Search, No more coffee at the perch,
Green D Line, Asinine, Trouble in the Catholic Church


UCONN, gettin' snubbed, why is men's lacrosse a club
pricey food, costly books, I got poked on facebook
OL's and Woods School, Baldwin the eagle ain't no fool
campus schoolAppalachia Trips, we got two Rhodes scholarships!

UPS, FedEX, fight for treadmills at the plex
Chronicle, campus crawl, shop at the chestnut hill mall
Starbucks, Supercuts, city of Newton going nuts
yawkey center, holidays, run on Marathon Monday


Bluestone Bistro, Domino's, roggies, pinos,
Who's on first, poetry slams, copperfields and final Exams
Beans, Creams, and Dreams, intramural sports teams
Parent's weekends, kegstands, girls on the grass, getting tan,
Copley, Back Bay, graduation's in May
Big East, blown away, What else do I have to say?


Newton Bus, ride or die, 2 hour line at hillside
St. Mary's, Saint Joe's, college road has its highs and lows
Sexual chocolate, dance teams, white mountain ice cream
North End, theater shows, 40g's a year to go
Homecoming, Boat Cruise, our soccer can never lose
Acoustics and the Heightsmen, core curriculum has no end
New York Yankees, Red Sox Pride, housing lottery suicide
40 acres, new land, victory in South Bend


Blogger Princetongirlmac said...

Love it.....See you soon.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Pinhead Nation said...

Your friends at Pinhead Nation love "The BC". Keep it up. Collar up!

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Alex (A&S 97) said...

Thanks, Joe, although I wouldn't say it's 99%. I missed some real obvious ones: Asinine in particular. Duh. Anyway great job on the commercial. How do you guys convince Fr. Don to do all this stuff? Or maybe he's just natually a ham? (I mean that in the kindest way, of course).

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the 1863 jingle but how about some props to Joe Fenwick and 1827??

10:00 AM  

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