Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Well, the fire is started

After spending the last two weeks on "St. Ignatius Started the Fire", it's now available for your viewing pleasure. That was more time-taking then a leper flipping through the yellow pages for a dermatologist. (my apologies to all the fans who are lepers)

Hopefully this can be put on a megatron, a devlin admissions presentation, or some dusty shelf in Burns Library... It was a blast making it, and i hope people can see just how awesome this school is.

Fun facts about the filming!
-Father Don memorized that chorus in only 2 minutes.
-Cherkezian recruited all those extras in the final scene in a matter of minutes... half of them were high schoolers with their parents
-the guy with the pumpkin is Rick Rossi with campus ministry
-Scott McGoohan makes another high-profile cameo as the dancer with tourettes
-Tabitha Rosien, Justin Walker, Reena Parikh, Emily J., and others were the happy go lucky high fivers
-A lot of people were staring at father don screaming the chorus in the one in front of Gasson Hall
-Look for the hidden movie next to the DVD player.... ONG BAK, quite possibly the best action movie ive ever seen
-The quote "Doers of the word; not hearers only" is what Father Don writes at the end of every email
-We tried to get FD to wear bling for the video, but he intelligently refused



Blogger Princetongirlmac said...

I loved the "St. Ignatius Started the Fire"...I wish I knew the lyrics to song, for sure me and the girls would be singing along....and yes we see how awesome your school is....and it reminded me of....(#22,1984<---Guess what that means you must know hint:Orange Bowl)Well just so you know everyone here at P.U will continue to watch the b.c.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Steven said...

I was at the game with my kids. They can't seem to get the song out of their heads! Is there a online version of the video?

4:04 PM  

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