Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stocking Stuffers

No posts?
Obviously, my fellow members of the BC have not discovered the most literally lucrative form of procrastination: blogging. Honestly, it's great. You can bitch about whatever you want and if some one disagrees with you enough to post a comment it only results in more attention from more people centered around you. Or, if you can't find one thing to bitch about, you can always move on to the mundane details of your life, and even play by plays of your dreams. Who's going to stop you? For the more creative types, blogging is a venue in which to experiment, as one has complete freedom of speech ( well, freedom as we define it these days, or confine it..) Basically blogging is one self-satisfying trip into a world where criticism can be deleted, chaos can be spread, and the line between cockiness and confidence blurs in the vast realm of internet society.
That being said, let's get back to the BC.
Yes, it's true, tis finals season! It's a harried part of BC life that this sitcom/web cast has yet to depict. I could tell you all about the lovely hours I've spent in O'Neill typing up outlines and harassing people on AIM in order to quell my boredom, but look! I just did. Not so interesting.
So, in order to pique your interest and remain pertinent to the subject of this blog, The BC, I think it's about time we discussed some on campus celebrity sightings.

Joe Sabia/ Seth Lohan: Haunting the upstairs at lower live. Looks stressed, often surrounded by a concerned bevy of freshmen girls from his orientation groups mostly trying to push fro-yo in exchange for his autograph.

Father Don: Can almost always be easily located in his office in McElroy. I happened to run into him in front of lower, however, and was lucky enough to catch a few moments of his time to chat. As always, he seems delighted by the popularity of the BC, but fears many students may be avoiding him in order to escape his Jesuit mind meld techniques which are eerily reminiscent of those belonging to the Jedis knights depicted in George Lucas' Star Wars Trilogy. I reassured him that students were probably just swamped with finals.
* Celebrity trivia* Joe Sabia has not seen any of the Star Wars films.

Woody Tondorf/ Woody Atryan: Usually sighted in front of his now world famous Mod. Often engaged in various activities like building snow forts with his friends and dressing up as a penguin. While the penguin suit looked rather lovable, my sources agree that the James Bond get-up he was strutting a couple weeks ago takes the cake.

Sean Hanlon: Sean Hanlon sightings have come to an all time low since he arrived at the Shaw Christmas Party as the Grinch. Despite his green tinge, however, he seems to be doing well. Online sources reveal that all he wants for Christmas is the California sun.

Jess Colvita/ Autumn Strebor: Unfortunately, your celebrity insider does not ever see Jess on campus. Various theories may explain this phenomena, but my sources prefer the theory that after being asked out on one too many dinner dates that ultimately resulted in a superficial interest in her beauty, talent and celebrity, rather than her notable aim in beirut and speed shopping skills, Jess Colvita has taken to disguising herself as a nun to go to class.
Or maybe we just have very different schedules, either way, her mother's pillows made a splash at the premier as did her acting and fabulous evening wear.

Mike Cherkezian/ Prince of Armania: Found lurking on the main floor of O'Neil. Claimed to be doing a paper, but looked sufficiently suspicious for there to be serious doubts concerning this alibi. The next day he was spotted at Hillside chugging coffee and looking unquestionably groggy, did he pull an all night study session, or was he up to something more sinister? Last weekend's theater party sorely felt his most noted absence from the community. Perhaps this star has gotten a bit to big for the stage? We shall see.

Nicolle Buckley/Melissa Hooper: Like Jess, Nicolle is also scarce on the BC campus. Word on the street is she never leaves her dorm unaccompanied by a contingent of body guards that are capable of hiding this petite star with a flex of their biceps. Making a fashionably late entrance, she came to the second showing of the premiere of episode three. Dazzlingly decked in fashionable attire, she continues to woo audiences with her dead-on girl-next-door act.

Ryan Farnan/ Ryan Lukewater: This intense superstar was out of town this weekend accompanying BC's basketball team on their trek to Maryland where he had a tete a tete with the insider's roommate, Kate Balch. He has yet to be sighted since his return, but has been gracious enough to grace the Facebook pages with a brand new pic. Check it out.

Tim Cameron: The BC's evil villain can be seen running the cashiers at late night. Though he's always a friendly face to see through the masses of students bearing fried food, your celebrity insider must wonder whether his preparation for malintent on the sitcom stems from dealing with drunken revelers fumbling with their Eagle One Cards.

Stay tuned for the next inside guide to the BC: Hot stuff.


Blogger Woody said...

Hilarious Laura. Thank God other cast members have started posting on the blog...I just found out that people read it!
Cheers, and all the best to you and your procrastination.

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