Sunday, November 27, 2005

I think this calls for a huddle

Why is it after vacations you need another one? I'll tell you this though, after the next 10 days ahead, we're going to need a vacation. We're booked solid through this entire week, not to mention that Saturday is the first Asinine show of the year. We may play a trailer or a commercial during the show, that remains to be seen. We've got shooting dates lined up from Monday at 8:30 am down to Sunday, December 4th all day. I look to the future and shudder.

On the plus side, the premiere will rock for all of you who plan to go. There's going to be some BC trivia with some inticing giveaways. And if you attend the premiere and are not a BC student, you can expect some cool things as well.

On the business side, we've got a soundtrack meeting with Brendan Dailey tomorrow night to get the mod right in the final few scenes. It's always sad to kill off a character,, what? Uh, forget I said anything about that. I mean, this isn't Harry Potter, right? Right?

Get excited. We do all the work, you enjoy the product. Devlin 008 will be packed, so get there early on December 7th. Oh yeah, and we're going to be featured on Fox 25 news again. They're coming here Tuesday. Those cheeky Fox folks, we heart them. Yeah, I just wrote "we heart them." I'm just a man.

Cheers to you and yours,

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

An Afternoon with Gene De Filippo

Well "Sports Therapy" is done.. and it's going to kill! I think it's going to be played at bball games for all eternity.

I arrived at the office at around 3 o clock to a frantic Jerry York saying with a giant grin on his face "I got practice in 25 minutes, what exactly are we doing here?" The other Coaches, Ainslee and Andrea were waiting patiently on the couch, probably having the slightest of an idea of what I was planning on doing. So I explained the premise, and filmed them first. Mr. York took one take on both shots. Specifically, when he finished saying "He's such a good listener", he grabbed his coat and BOLTED out the door. It was an honor meeting such a legend here at BC.

Meanwhile, Baldwin waited patiently during the whole thing, and eventually moved into the office with Gene who was really accomodating and friendly. Cara Feinberg from BC Magazine eventually showed up and sat in on the shoot. I laid out the whole thing for Gene, reading him the whole script that Woody wrote. I honestly had no idea what he was thinking... he probably thought I was the one that should be on the shrink's bed. But he agreed to do it.

Let's play Q & A
Q: How long did the whole thing take?
A: About 40 minutes. We broke things up into pieces to make it easier

Q: G-Unit? Wow that sure is funny!"
A: Originally Woody and I thought he would have just a small idea of what that's about. The minute I said the words "G-Unit" he busts out "G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-unit!!!" like the eloquent 50 cent himself. Apparently all of the athletes call "Coach Flip" by that nomenclature.

Q: Do you think I'm a kook? Wow that sure is funny!"
A: Originally, it was written as, "Can I get a hug?" and Baldwin was going to shake his head no. But Gene insisted we change it to a much funnier "Do you think I'm a kook?"

Q: Is that a REAL picture of him and Coach Skinner?
A: Yes it is. And I had to make sure it was in this commercial.

Q: Was he frustrated or frazzled at all?
A: He was very very calm and patient the whole time. What a blessing

Q: I wanna hear more about Baldwin, golly!
A: Well, we taped glasses to his face.... because they wouldn't fit otherwise. Baldwin was a great sport the whole time, too.

So those are some fun facts... I even got a cool fleece out of it. So enjoy Gene and the coaches. They sure are talented.

Enjoy the day, The BC wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving


Friday, November 18, 2005

10 Reasons Episode Three will be better than Episode Two

We're only about 3 weeks from the premiere of Episode Three (Cue Joe running, crying, and screaming), and already I see a marked improvement over what we've done with Episode Two. To add to the hype that we can never hope to top on Dec. 7th, I'm going to present 10 reasons Under New Management will be just as good, if not better than Now, The Hard Part:

- This plot will really suck you in. A lot of storylines are going to be resolved, and whole host of 'em are going to be opened...and someone's not coming back.
- Yes, Virginia, the Jesuits are back and better than ever. Joe laughed out loud in the computer lab and freaked out a lot of people while reading it.
- Better locations. No longer will we be staging scenes in three places only. We're bustin' out, baby.
- A tripod. Sweet mercy, at last.
- The basketball team is better than ever. We just wind up Dudley and let him run.
- Dan McDonald has a padawan learner.
- Woody is put in a situation you would never expect.
- Father Don starts putting it down.
- A soundtrack made specifically for the last scenes of the episode.
- Ninjas.
- I might be lying about that last one.

Cheers to you and yours,
Woody Tondorf

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Impassioned Plea

Here at The BC, I'm always trying to figure out new ways to get people interested in 'The BC.' What has come to my notice is that we rank really really really low on Google for just about any search. I hope to use this post as an impassioned plea that if you have a blog or website of your own, that you put a link to on it to both let other people know what the greatest thing on the web is, as well as make sure that search engines know to give us more respect.

On another note, next week is our Thanksgiving break, and I'll be away from an internet connection for most of next week, so if any updates happen, it'll be on next Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Hope everyone is enjoying their Humpday Fixes. I love putting them up.

Keep up the buzz about The BC. Episode 3 is just around the corner!
Adam Shipley

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

location, location, location

First things first. :::RELEASE DATE::: Episode Three: Under New Management will premiere DECEMBER 7th.

Last night we were filming one of the pivotal scenes of episode three and we had two decisions about where to film it. It could have been filmed on the 9th floor of Edmonds dorm, or in the first floor lobby. The 9th floor was ok, but the lighting was so-so, and the ceilings weren't that large. It felt a little too cozy for our liking. The 1st floor lobby had exciting lights, doors, an RA booth, and excellent lighting. Unfortunately, it had three elevators, two main entrances, a laundry room, and every few minutes there were more people milling around in the place than extras in Prison Break.

What will eventually be 1 minute and 30 seconds in the show was filmed in 1 hour and 45 minutes. On the bright side, Father Don was recognized left and right, and a lot of people took a few seconds to tell us how much they liked the show, which was great. The problem wasn't that there were a lot of people, it was just that every time we wanted to film, about three doors would close and open in succession...and then an elevator would deploy it's contents. It was like in the Scooby-doo cartoons when the characters are chasing the bad guy through a hallway. One door opens up, Scooby and Shaggy run through; another opens up down the hall, the bady guy dashes through...another opens up, and Stewie Griffin runs get the idea.

This shot tested the paitience more than any other shot. Father Don is truly a man of peace, I never saw him lose it once. Joe may have had a few facial twitches now and again, but never did he have to apologize for his language in front of Don, as I did...a few times. To that, Father Don replied, "That's the word I use whenever someone cuts me off. God must not mind, because He continues to let me drive." I love this show.

Cheers to you and yours,
Woody Tondorf

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The BC on the Jumbo Tron

At approximately 5 minutes left of halftime at Boston College versus NC State the marching band retreated to the sidelines... Then out of no where you see "The BC" for a full 5 seconds... "St. Ignatius Started the Fire" was played in front of over 40,000 people last night.

So ridiculous... I threw the idea at Peter Olivieri (the jumbo tron guy) and he sent the commercial to Jaime Diloreto. Apparently, it was passed on to DeFillipo and all of them agreed that it was something worth putting on the tron during halftime. Well, I had to change a few things in of course... including kegstands, trouble in the catholic church, and instead of DL Hughley, I think we're going to permanently change it to Father Neenan cuz he's the man.

So the video started with a quote from me in The Chronicle about building community, and then bam, Woody, in true masculine form said "Yay Smallville, Oh I could just die!" When everything started rolling we assumed a lot of people would just be too drunk to really know whats going on... and then...

"1863. A bunch of ignatians made a college invasion"

People started going nuts when they saw FD. By the second chorus, scanning the crowds around, people were singing and dancing to the song. Which truly was one of the coolest things I think I have ever seen. Alumni were probably like "A SINGING PRIEST! COMIC GENIUS!" I was unfazed... it was Father Don in solid form. HE COULDN'T MAKE IT TO THE GAME.. he was doing a wedding in Rochester... But he got like 5 phone calls after the game. Priceless.

But we think we could have started a pretty cool tradition with future events. Boston College is big with ignatians and lighting stuff aflame. So the song ends up being a good match after all... the MARCHING BAND even learned how to play it during plays in the second half.

I feel grateful for athletics to give us that opportunity to make a lot of people laugh last night at the football game... it sucks because our website was cut out at the end, but people know a little bit more about us, and we hope to be on the jumbo tron again. We've had a very very significant increase in number of hits on this page and we hope the alumni continue to follow us.

PS: I'm really sorry to all of those that have threatened to take my life for having that song stuck in their heads. Blame it on Billy Joel, seriously.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

In the rap game, they call this "Blowin' up"

I am absolutely exhausted. The CBS National Evening News was here all of yesterday, which apparently is a HUGE deal. 4 million people watch the program (I don't know how many of them are college students, but I think their BC numbers will jump when they put that on). We won't know when it's airing until they tell us. It could be in a week, it could be in a month. But rest assured we'll let you all know.

We were pretty sure they would film us filming (which sounds really complex...and it is...) and then interview us. So Joe tells me to make up a scene. I am not a fan of making up a scene that we most likely won't use, but a request is a request, and I complied. What resulted was a scene written in 15 minutes about how Jesuits are like Jedis...I know I'm not the first person to think about this, but I should really stop playing Revenge of the Sith on a continuous loop. I just love to see Yoda fight. It's a guilty pleasure.

It was surreal to have these veteran camera and sound technicians paying attention to us, not to mention chatting up the producer and a very well-respected journalist. They were awesome, and they gave us some great advice. Jack Dunn, the spokesman for Boston College, was also there, and he gave us some very kind words. It means a lot hearing all these great things from people who are serious big deals.

They interviewed me in Joe's room (and thank God for that, because in our infinite wisdom, we decided to film outside in the Quad, where it was freezing...but a ton of people saw us, and we crave attention) and that was really surreal. This 50,000 dollar camera on a 15,000 dollar tripod, with all these cool lights and fancy filters...all focused on Joe's bed. If you were looking in from the other building, it looked VERY suspicious. So I jumped on Joe's bed and made the most seductive pose I could. I'm just a man. You would have done it too.

We then moved on to being filmed while watching the OC, so now the entire nation will see 14 dudes and two girls watching The OC. There goes my shot with any woman...ever. But something happened as soon as the camera started rolling during the show...everyone changed. We are notorious for shushing just about anyone who talks during the show, except for Scott McGoohan, whose every outburst is gold and ought to be recorded. Everyone started talking and yelling things out, myself included. This is the same guy who would serve a shorty if they opened their yaps during my OC, Tony Montana style. The dose of reality came from my roommate Dan McDonald (yes, I really did name a character after a'd do it too) who took it upon himself to try and shut everyone up. It was odd.

On a different track, did anyone see the bad guy surfer who steals Johnny's girlfriend and immediately say in their minds, "Back off, Warchild, I'm serious." (for those of you who are uncultured, it's a line from Point Break starring Keanu Reeves. It may be the best worst movie ever. Stop wasting your time and see that movie.) If the writers of The OC don't think to put that in some future episode, then they really need me more than I orginally thought.

God, I love long blog posts. To answer a couple questions, we're not having a casting call for episode three, as we have enough characters and no additions, but we are thinking about having one for episode four The Best Beanmarch Ever. And in response to how we're able to get these respected administrators and jesuits to do our commercials...well, we just ask. And we're humbled enough that these people who have a ton of responsibilites and obligations take time out of their day for the show. The men's soccer coach apparently loves the show and wants to be in a commercial, too. What have we created??

Friday, November 11, 2005

CBS at The BC

Wow... what a day.

This day has been an adventure, much like Harold and Kumar going to White Castle... So we get a call from Carrie, the producer for CBS, saying they arrived to campus. Joie Chen and a couple camera guys from New York and Boston were there, too. There we were in the quad with freezing cold temperatures filming a scene involving us popping Father Don's Fleece collar, and of course, him saying "holler at your boy"

Then they grilled FD with questions, interviewed Jess, and then moved to our room... Mike and I were up to 4am cleaning the room last night.. I can eat dinner off of the floor now. Seriously, i just want to break dance on it. They had so much equipment in here, but I think the interviews did well.

today was a blast overall, and there's a lot more to be excited about... Hafner's been receiving tons of good words on his commercial. I think it was his beautifully rich voice in singing "If I could turn back time"

Interesting Fun Facts:
-I asked the Paul camera guy what his craziest reporting location experience was.. he replied with "Somalia... when I was shot at"
-the camera cost 50,000 dollars and the tripod cost 15,000. I was jealous.
-We conveniently placed the infamous Michael Bolton poster in the backdrop of Woody's interview.
-My grades aren't doing too well... but I found out D is passing, so... that's good news I guess
-The camera crew went into farnan's room to film 16 dudes watching the OC and drinking beer... We thought last minute to put a "" poster in the backdrop.

So that's that.... stay tuned baby

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Marching Band

So, I walk into Band practice on Tuesday night and they are rehearsing "1863...a bunch of Ignatians made a college invasion"! The director, Dave Healey, told me Dean Sherwood suggested it for the Saturday night football game. Amazing. I learned today that the St. Ignatius started the fire" will be on the jumbotron during the game. For shizzell! As it turns out I will be in Rochester, NY officiating at a wedding. No! Not Seth and Autumn!

Today was a great day for the crew. CBS came to BC for The BC. Go team.
Saw my second episode of the O.C.! Verrry inttterrresting! said with the old Laugh-in show German accent. Most readers of this blog probably didn't even see that show on Nick-at-Night. Okay time to let you get back to study! People in this school really do go to class.

Peace out!
Fr. Don

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday Excitement

I love Wednesdays. It means a new commercial and a new poll. I love our new commercial, how informative yet irreverent. I hope you've already checked it out. Also, I've installed weekly polls. Last week the poll was over which commercial was the best yet, and 'St Ignatius Started the Fire' won handily. Current poll: who's your favorite character on 'The BC'. You decide!

Other than that, it's always fun to get reactions from people, so leave a comment on this blog about what you think of the commercials... what you like, what they're missing. We love feedback!

Keep checking back here for more updates about 'The BC' with another episode in the works and new commercials every week, this truly is the new hot spot!
Adam Shipley

Armenians Unite!

So, basically I sent the to (the equivalent of Armenian headquarters of the world) where a sweet lady named Kim said she decided to forward my email internally to all the people working there and to all the young adults on their mailing list which I think includes people from around the US and Europe.

One more step to having this show spiral completely out of control.

ahhh, yes....Armenia...

PS. this is my first blog.

The Artist Formally Known as Prince...of Armenia

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Traitorous Pseudonym

I'm starting to wonder when anyone else on the cast and crew is going to start putting up posts. Until then, I'll throw some tasty tidbits your way...because you've been good and I hear you joined the clean plate club.

The Newbury Street filming was a lot of fun. It's great to get out of campus every now and again and enjoy the life...not to mention the weather was absolutely magnificent. Filming was interesting, I had to get a bag for Laura to start taking items out of, but it turns out that several stores on Newbury won't just GIVE you a bag. Hey, United Colors of Benneton, I'm talking to you. Don't ignore me. And Pottery Barn, you rock. Seriously, we should hang out. Don't tell Benneton.

Things Laura Murphy has problems saying:
-Wilson Park
-Traitorous pseudonym
...Here's the funny thing, We practiced this scene with Joe and Laura like several million times, and she always had problems with those four words. She was a great sport about it, but it occured to us that we were ragging on a girl who had more acting experience and talent than all of us combined...I think she hinted subtlely at that, too. At any rate, it was funny. I will now find a reason to put "traitorous pseudonym" in EVERY script.

Speaking of script, here's a morsel for you to chew on. About halfway through filming episode two, we realized that in all our class scenes, in all our dorm scenes, you could see a script. Not blatantly in your face, but it was there. So, since the day we take ourselves too seriously we'll stop making the show, we put a script in EVERY scene. So now we're going out of our way to put them in every scene in ep. 3. Your challenge: find it in every scene after ep. 3 premieres and email/guestbook/blog us. To the first winning entry, we'll ship you a DVD of ep. 2 and 3 FREE. Maybe even a Wilson Park T-shirt to boot.

Speaking of which, check out Tell 'em The BC sent you. They make very funny shirts that are great-fitting. The cut is athletic, which rocks when yo think of all the t-shirts that are too boxy looing. We're currently wearing a few. I was wearing one that read "Facebook me" while I played Beruit with Tim Cameron, the whole time quoting "The Godfather" before each shot. I don't think Nelita will be friends with us after that one.

Wow, this was long. Hope your weekends were great, Tondorf out.


Friday, November 04, 2005

Newbury Madness

Well, with our pledge to bring filming to new and exciting levels, we decided to shoot a scene on Newbury Street. So Hanlon, Cherkezian, Woody, Laura and myself ventured downtown. It ended up being a good scene... well, we think. We couldn't find a place to park.. Anwar's car (The guy who tells the story of a puppy named sparky in episode 2) almost got towed... And yeah, thats all the excitement at Newbury.

All of our mouths dropped when they advertised the "The BC" segment on Fox25 during "The OC"... the segment itself was amazing, three minutes in length, and will eventually get on the website.
We're sending clip reels to Disney... weird saying that aloud. "disney". its fun, very bisyllabic.
With good buddy Brendan Sage, we're working on making MP3's of "St. Ignatius started the fire" for convenient Ipod Usage
I saw Sean Marshall today and I yelled, "I hate puns"
Mike and I hate when before people fight, they hit their fist into their hands really fast

PS sorry for the random picture of us. Sexiness of this quantity cannot be ignored.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Everything on Fire... finally lyrics.

Ok ok ok enough already. Hold the phone. I'm finally going to put the lyrics up for "St. Ignatius Started the Fire". Guestbook guru Alex (A&S '97)...i seriously think his last name is (A&S '97)...actually wrote out ALL lyrics to the song. I was very impressed... a few mistakes here and there, but overall 99% accuracy! Amazing! I am going to have to change some lyrics if we want this on the jumbo tron... (The BU sucks line...), but other than that, enjoy it.

Quick updates: The "The BC" DVD looks INCREDIBLE! As if Midas himself touched it to gold. the METRO is coming on campus to interview us on Monday... (that's how you know you're big, baby!) And CBS Evening News next thursday. Exciting stuff, you'll here more about it later.
- NELITA, big ups, you rock our world. We'll be visiting you guys soon dont worry


fun fact of the day: I wrote this song two years ago.... when it was 2003. Hey, I improvised, what do you want from me?!

Doug Flutie, orange bowl, Father Leahy, maroon and gold
Campus Ministry, Cleveland circle, walk around the quad
Craig Smith, Darcel Clark, Kiwanuka, MiddleMarch
Robsham Theater, Corcoran Commons, fence around the Mods

Chris O'Donnell, Gasson Hall, Boston College basketball
Tim Russert, Online Polls, banners in the dust bowl
Hasselback, blue lights, cheese steaks at late night
Sake Bombing, abercrombie, Boston is extremely cold

A bunch of ignatians, made a collegiate invasion
Two years after 2003
our claim to fame, is setting the world aflame

Conte Forum, Now You Know, Superfans, DeFilippo
DL Hughley, Father Himes, I hate my registration time.
Doug Flutie Likes Girls, Service trips around the world,
Herald, Boston Globe, now we got The New York Times.
Josh Ott, Beanpot, can we have more parking lots?
WebCT and AIM, Jesuits are back again.
Irish Room, job Search, No more coffee at the perch,
Green D Line, Asinine, Trouble in the Catholic Church


UCONN, gettin' snubbed, why is men's lacrosse a club
pricey food, costly books, I got poked on facebook
OL's and Woods School, Baldwin the eagle ain't no fool
campus schoolAppalachia Trips, we got two Rhodes scholarships!

UPS, FedEX, fight for treadmills at the plex
Chronicle, campus crawl, shop at the chestnut hill mall
Starbucks, Supercuts, city of Newton going nuts
yawkey center, holidays, run on Marathon Monday


Bluestone Bistro, Domino's, roggies, pinos,
Who's on first, poetry slams, copperfields and final Exams
Beans, Creams, and Dreams, intramural sports teams
Parent's weekends, kegstands, girls on the grass, getting tan,
Copley, Back Bay, graduation's in May
Big East, blown away, What else do I have to say?


Newton Bus, ride or die, 2 hour line at hillside
St. Mary's, Saint Joe's, college road has its highs and lows
Sexual chocolate, dance teams, white mountain ice cream
North End, theater shows, 40g's a year to go
Homecoming, Boat Cruise, our soccer can never lose
Acoustics and the Heightsmen, core curriculum has no end
New York Yankees, Red Sox Pride, housing lottery suicide
40 acres, new land, victory in South Bend

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Filming a villian, signing an artist

Tim Cameron scares the willies out of me. For those of you who don't know who Tim is, he plays the chairman of the trustee board, Dan McDonald. When this guy speaks, little evil midgets jump around in my stomach. He's just got one of those voices, you know? It's like the time you saw Bill Murray screw over and then ultimately beat Woody Harrelson in Kingpin...I don't care if the guy's funny, I wanted Bill Murray dead for 72 hours after that. Tim is just like that. He's Caleb and Julie Cooper mixed into one. You know he's evil and you know he's going to mess things up. You're going to love to hate him.

So St. Ignatius started the fire is online...and if you haven't seen it, stop wasting our time and go see it. Father Don is now a legitimate rock star, and I need people to start watching the Carlton dance more often so I can get my "mad props."

In more business news, we signed musician Brendan Dailey to do soundtrack work for us. This kid is going to rock you with his stuff. We got a chance to hear some of his earlier work before we signed him, and it's good. He came into our meeting ready to work and we were blown away. So get ready, facebook this kid already so you can say you knew him back when.

On the TV front, if you're in the Massachusetts area check us out tomorrow around 5:10pm on Fox 25 news. Of course Fox will love to lead into the new OC (finally! Schwartz, we gotta talk) with more OC related material, so that works out just dandy for us. Please excuse the fact that I'm hungover for that interview...we had the cast party the night before, and my last memory was Joe with a beer ball box on his head, dancing around. I woke up at 9:35 the next morning to Joe in the common room, yelling "Do you know what TIME it is?!"...our interview was at 9:30.

Hope you enjoy what you've seen so far. We've got new pictures on the way, and we all look like BAMFs in them. You heard it here first.


Well, the fire is started

After spending the last two weeks on "St. Ignatius Started the Fire", it's now available for your viewing pleasure. That was more time-taking then a leper flipping through the yellow pages for a dermatologist. (my apologies to all the fans who are lepers)

Hopefully this can be put on a megatron, a devlin admissions presentation, or some dusty shelf in Burns Library... It was a blast making it, and i hope people can see just how awesome this school is.

Fun facts about the filming!
-Father Don memorized that chorus in only 2 minutes.
-Cherkezian recruited all those extras in the final scene in a matter of minutes... half of them were high schoolers with their parents
-the guy with the pumpkin is Rick Rossi with campus ministry
-Scott McGoohan makes another high-profile cameo as the dancer with tourettes
-Tabitha Rosien, Justin Walker, Reena Parikh, Emily J., and others were the happy go lucky high fivers
-A lot of people were staring at father don screaming the chorus in the one in front of Gasson Hall
-Look for the hidden movie next to the DVD player.... ONG BAK, quite possibly the best action movie ive ever seen
-The quote "Doers of the word; not hearers only" is what Father Don writes at the end of every email
-We tried to get FD to wear bling for the video, but he intelligently refused