Thursday, January 05, 2006

A bump in the road

I almost titled this post 'And now the bad news,' but figured that would have been a bit too negative.... though not too far off.

Firstly, I hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas and New Years. I spent that week in North Carolina with relatives, and my grandparents called from Indiana to tell us that a bunch of pipes burst in my house when it got down to zero - ruining electronics in the affected area, which means that now I don't have a permanent internet connection now that I'm home. The other bit of excitement is that also that same week down in NC, the light inside my laptop screen went out which means I'm using an old monitor next to my laptop to work on the website.

Also, to correct Woody's proclamations about the refreshed website design that is coming online as soon as possible - it will look much the same, there will just be more stuff on the site and a better layout to get to the things already on there. A complete site redesign may be in the works, but for now we're just adding more content to the site and completely changing how it is laid out in pages and folders.

If you want to find out when the new site goes live, sign up for our mailing list on the front page of the site and you will be updated when we add new commercials to the site too.

I wish I had the new site up by now, but those pesky 'technical issues' came up. I'm glad that the producers (Woody and Joe) have been understanding of this delay. We will come up from the ashes of the old site with new content and a new humpday fix... when I get caught up.

I also wish to thank you, the viewer, for your patience.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC


Blogger Fr. Don said...

Adversity always brings creativity.Just thought the priest should offer a homiletic word! Happy New Year and looking forward to an exciting semester.

9:25 AM  

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