Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stale like a piece of bread...

No ladies and gentlemen... We didn't accidentally forget to post a blog after 20 something days of no blogs.. it was intentional. Actually it wasn't, i just wanted to lie.

So it seems the day has finally come. CBS Evening News Tonight. After 4 months of waiting, we're finally on it! Should be a blast... we scrambled today to do crazy updates on the webpage to make everything look perfect. But perfection is our middle name... (at least thats what our moms tell us)

What else?! BEANMARCH last night was an incredible success... it was a concert put together for scenes in episode 4 featuring live bands, with money and proceeds going to the Pedro Arrupe Service trips. It was a fun time... Exhausting though. We all showed up at like 4pm to go until midnight.

The past month has been very exciting... I've enjoyed every second of it. Episode 4 has a billion scenes in it, so thats going to be fun flying through everything we need to do. But we are praying march 20th will be the day it comes out. (yeah lets hope my stuff doesnt crash this time)

Everyone's doing just great.. Jess seems like she's doing well in Rome... she even got recognized I think. Father Don is still the man... Congrats to our newly selected cast members, Mike Fox and Sarah Williams. They are going to do amazing things with us.

So thats all I really wanted to say.... just to let you know we're alive... Even if it goes out to the one person that reads these! (Alex A&S 97, you are our biggest fan.. even though I still think your name actually, legally is "A&S 97")


oh and PS: you know you're famous when you're going to be in Ellegirl... to all fourteen year-old girls, yes- I hate being a heart throb.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just watched the CBS news segment and the Fox25 continuing segment. Love the exposure, guys. Anything that puts BC in a positive light. Good luck on your trip to LA. And BTW, I need an excuse to visit the campus after all this time, so if you ever need an alumnus to do a cameo, let me know!

8:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it would be cool if pictures from your trip to l.a. could make it on the website!


11:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ryan heffernan rocks!

1:52 AM  

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