Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A parting word from the webmaster

Some of you have already read this in an e-mail I sent out on the mailing list, but I figure I need to say my farewell to the rest of the people who have supported us and our endeavors.

Joe and Woody have decided that given the loss of direction that may occur if The BC is allowed to continue on with new directors, they have decided to make Episode 5 the series finale. They also hope another group on campus picks up the baton and creates a new parody that garners national attention.

It has been an amazing honor to be the Webmaster for such an auspicious undertaking, and I look forward to whatever parodies are spun off by this talented cast.

Also, the dialog that this show and the commercials have created between students, faculty and administration has been amazing to watch. Not to mention the number of high school students we've had a chance to hear from and their decision that the creativity of The BC helped them chose BC as their college choice.

We want to thank all of our fans, and the news media that got word of our show out to a greater number of people, and the number of alumni who have contacted us sharing their pride in Boston College they felt while watching The BC.

This has been an experience I wouldn't have given up for anything.

I wish Joe and Woody well as they head to LA to work for HBO, and I wait with baited breath for whatever comes from their creative minds.

I have added a couple more commercials to the website today, and I will be adding some more content over the next weeks until BC removes my FTP access.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"All good things..." comes to an end

Afternoon in Internetland!

Wanted to drop a quick line since we really haven't in forever. As finals and my thesis ends, I'll be sure to post a lot more about the show, my impressions of it, what it meant to me, and where we're going with the future (trust me, it's better than I had ever anticipated).

This is just to freshen things up, so I want to take the opportunity to thank the entire cast and crew for what turned out to be a kick-ass series and some of the best memories I'll ever have. Cheers to you and yours, and THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the fans and viewers who came to the site and watched our stuff. I even hear some of you watched episode one. You are truly special people...even I don't watch episode one anymore. Kidding.

Back to the thesis,
Woody Tondorf