Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Next Generation

The BC came from Joe and Woody's time in Asinine, a sketch comedy group. It would seem that the group is a fertile ground for funny parodies of popular shows. Another Asinine member, Rich Rosario, has made an excellent parody of Curb Your Enthusiasm and has posted the result to YouTube.

Rich is hoping to turn this into a full series, much like what The BC became. Our hat is off to him and we hope that he is as successful with his series as The BC was. Check out the two halves of the parody using this link.

When he gets a full website built for his show, we will make sure to post it here.

Best of Luck Rich!

Also, I have backed up all the videos onto Google Video just in case BC 'reclaims' their server space, so they are there for your enjoyment when you want them.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Joe and Woody's Summer Activities

Well, the two producers of The BC are keeping themselves busy, and they wanted me to key you in on what they were doing this summer.

Joe Sabia is doing a tour of the countries around the Black Sea. He and his friends are keeping a blog about it, which can be found at: the Black Sea Blog.

Woody Tondorf is keeping himself busy with a couple other Boston College students as they drive from Boston to Miami, FL in a Dodge Caliber to support the Global Music Project and Doctors Without Borders. You can read about their experience at the Dodge High Caliber Challenge.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A parting word from the webmaster

Some of you have already read this in an e-mail I sent out on the mailing list, but I figure I need to say my farewell to the rest of the people who have supported us and our endeavors.

Joe and Woody have decided that given the loss of direction that may occur if The BC is allowed to continue on with new directors, they have decided to make Episode 5 the series finale. They also hope another group on campus picks up the baton and creates a new parody that garners national attention.

It has been an amazing honor to be the Webmaster for such an auspicious undertaking, and I look forward to whatever parodies are spun off by this talented cast.

Also, the dialog that this show and the commercials have created between students, faculty and administration has been amazing to watch. Not to mention the number of high school students we've had a chance to hear from and their decision that the creativity of The BC helped them chose BC as their college choice.

We want to thank all of our fans, and the news media that got word of our show out to a greater number of people, and the number of alumni who have contacted us sharing their pride in Boston College they felt while watching The BC.

This has been an experience I wouldn't have given up for anything.

I wish Joe and Woody well as they head to LA to work for HBO, and I wait with baited breath for whatever comes from their creative minds.

I have added a couple more commercials to the website today, and I will be adding some more content over the next weeks until BC removes my FTP access.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

"All good things..." comes to an end

Afternoon in Internetland!

Wanted to drop a quick line since we really haven't in forever. As finals and my thesis ends, I'll be sure to post a lot more about the show, my impressions of it, what it meant to me, and where we're going with the future (trust me, it's better than I had ever anticipated).

This is just to freshen things up, so I want to take the opportunity to thank the entire cast and crew for what turned out to be a kick-ass series and some of the best memories I'll ever have. Cheers to you and yours, and THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the fans and viewers who came to the site and watched our stuff. I even hear some of you watched episode one. You are truly special people...even I don't watch episode one anymore. Kidding.

Back to the thesis,
Woody Tondorf

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Credit where it's due

it’s been a while since I’ve taken pen to digital paper in this forum, so let’s rock. Glad to be here.
I’d like to take this moment to give a long list of thanks...I presume I will mess this up and forget some names, at the end of the day, I’m just a man.

The biggest thanks in all the world goes out to Mr. X. For BC students, you know him as a guy who works at BC (we have to censor this because we're not sure how much he'd want us to reveal). We knew him as the guy who knew nothing about us until Disney got in touch with him. He’s remained in the shadows when it comes to our success in Hollywood and LA, but we’re on the verge of something HUGE here (and you’ll know more details later) and without X it just doesn’t happen.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I've been told to hold off on some of the details on how awesome X was to us over spring break, so let's just leave it as he helped us out immensely. Hopefully he'll let me put the stuff up, because honestly this guy deserves to be recognized. I am SUCH a tease.]

I don’t think X will get around to reading this, but it’s important to take some time to recognize the people who have really mattered and taken the effort to help us out. X, thank you from the bottom of my heart, seriously. I didn’t know how important you were going to be, and now it’s clear. You’re the man, buddy. We love you like emo kids love sadness.

And I also want to get at my girl, Tamika Barnes with the Alumni Office. When we move out West, Tamika will be getting my BC donations. She was a makeshift chauffeur and a true friend who gave us wise counsel and was always ready to hit the Easy Button. When she left mid-week, we felt her loss considerably. Tamika, you rock as well. Oh, and she also got us in touch with Bob DeLaurentis’ daughter Francesca, who is BEAUTIFUL. Francesca, if you get this call me. Someday I hope to be a medium-to-big deal.

One more moment to everyone, EVERYONE, who comes to the premieres. You people have better things to do with your time than watch us clown around for 55 minutes, and for that you have my undying loyalty and thanks. If you think that sounds corny, x out this window, because I mean it.

Alex A&S ‘97, because that’s your last name, thank you for following the show and giving your two cents. We talk about you nearly every day...and most of it is complimentary (wink..I kid, I kid).

To all the people who have recently facebook messaged me, Joe, and the others: you take time out of your day to track us down and tell us you love the show. I am constantly in awe of that. Someday I hope to get out of my bedroom when the size of my head shrinks.

Ryan Farnan, without Boston magazine I don’t know where we’d be. You started us off buddy. Congratulations on a great season and a stellar career.

BC Basketball, thanks for all your help. It’s been great working and clowning around with all of you, Byrd and Craig in particular. We owe a lot of our success to you. Great run through the season fellas, that was not traveling. I too hate puns and love dunks.

That’s all for now. The “Behind the Beanmarch” post is forthcoming, as well as even more thanks as episode five comes and goes.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Our Trip to Hollywood

Wow... spring break was fun

Woody and I ventured on JetBlue to Hollywood to search for jobs. JetBlue was the best choice, did you know they have televisions on the back of the seats? That's pretty friggin cool.

LA is quite possibly the best alternative to current conditions in Boston (those being cold weather, cold weather, and cold weather) It's a cool place... our first night in, the academy awards were on and Woody said that if "Crash" won best picture, he'd jump in a cold swimming pool. 5 minutes later, he's in the deep end of a pool, swimming in utter irony.

Monday we met with some agents, and then monday night we went to the set of The OC... unreal. It's so strange knowing a spoof of a popular show ended up getting you on the set of the actual show you're making fun of... Bob DeLaurentis is a real stand up guy for taking three hours out of his schedule to hang out with, talk, and show us the set. As you can see Woody and I were like lepers in a neutrogena shop - extremely excited. And who would have thought EVERYTHING was filmed in a giant warehouse studio... even the beach scenes! What the hell is that all about?!

The rest of the week was loaded with interviews... we had interviews with Executives with Paramount, Mad TV, Sony, HBO, E Entertainment, Comedy Central, etc etc... I can honestly say I've never learned so much in my entire life than sitting in those offices listening and showing them our ideas. I think they liked our stuff... I was extremely impressed with HBO, it's just a magnificent place. During the day we busted out our suits, and at night we busted out our party hats, checking out the nightlife, going to bars (a BC one, which was cool) and even getting massages (hey might as well pretend I'm living the life). Wednesday night was awesome - Chris O'Donnell (you know, the "robin" in "batman and robin") took us out to dinner... probably the coolest BC alum you'd ever meet... and it's so weird knowing he lived 4 floors below me in my dorm. AWESOME guy. Apparently he's doing some stuff with Grey's Anatomy, which I'm sure he'll do phenomenally in.

The entire trip was pretty surreal and it looks like we'll make some progress (hopefully) down the road. I know all too well that's where I want to be... after all, if the weather's nice, that's one thing I have going for me.... right?

i'm tired.

enjoy episode 4.


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stale like a piece of bread...

No ladies and gentlemen... We didn't accidentally forget to post a blog after 20 something days of no blogs.. it was intentional. Actually it wasn't, i just wanted to lie.

So it seems the day has finally come. CBS Evening News Tonight. After 4 months of waiting, we're finally on it! Should be a blast... we scrambled today to do crazy updates on the webpage to make everything look perfect. But perfection is our middle name... (at least thats what our moms tell us)

What else?! BEANMARCH last night was an incredible success... it was a concert put together for scenes in episode 4 featuring live bands, with money and proceeds going to the Pedro Arrupe Service trips. It was a fun time... Exhausting though. We all showed up at like 4pm to go until midnight.

The past month has been very exciting... I've enjoyed every second of it. Episode 4 has a billion scenes in it, so thats going to be fun flying through everything we need to do. But we are praying march 20th will be the day it comes out. (yeah lets hope my stuff doesnt crash this time)

Everyone's doing just great.. Jess seems like she's doing well in Rome... she even got recognized I think. Father Don is still the man... Congrats to our newly selected cast members, Mike Fox and Sarah Williams. They are going to do amazing things with us.

So thats all I really wanted to say.... just to let you know we're alive... Even if it goes out to the one person that reads these! (Alex A&S 97, you are our biggest fan.. even though I still think your name actually, legally is "A&S 97")


oh and PS: you know you're famous when you're going to be in Ellegirl... to all fourteen year-old girls, yes- I hate being a heart throb.