Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Next Generation

The BC came from Joe and Woody's time in Asinine, a sketch comedy group. It would seem that the group is a fertile ground for funny parodies of popular shows. Another Asinine member, Rich Rosario, has made an excellent parody of Curb Your Enthusiasm and has posted the result to YouTube.

Rich is hoping to turn this into a full series, much like what The BC became. Our hat is off to him and we hope that he is as successful with his series as The BC was. Check out the two halves of the parody using this link.

When he gets a full website built for his show, we will make sure to post it here.

Best of Luck Rich!

Also, I have backed up all the videos onto Google Video just in case BC 'reclaims' their server space, so they are there for your enjoyment when you want them.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Joe and Woody's Summer Activities

Well, the two producers of The BC are keeping themselves busy, and they wanted me to key you in on what they were doing this summer.

Joe Sabia is doing a tour of the countries around the Black Sea. He and his friends are keeping a blog about it, which can be found at: the Black Sea Blog.

Woody Tondorf is keeping himself busy with a couple other Boston College students as they drive from Boston to Miami, FL in a Dodge Caliber to support the Global Music Project and Doctors Without Borders. You can read about their experience at the Dodge High Caliber Challenge.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A parting word from the webmaster

Some of you have already read this in an e-mail I sent out on the mailing list, but I figure I need to say my farewell to the rest of the people who have supported us and our endeavors.

Joe and Woody have decided that given the loss of direction that may occur if The BC is allowed to continue on with new directors, they have decided to make Episode 5 the series finale. They also hope another group on campus picks up the baton and creates a new parody that garners national attention.

It has been an amazing honor to be the Webmaster for such an auspicious undertaking, and I look forward to whatever parodies are spun off by this talented cast.

Also, the dialog that this show and the commercials have created between students, faculty and administration has been amazing to watch. Not to mention the number of high school students we've had a chance to hear from and their decision that the creativity of The BC helped them chose BC as their college choice.

We want to thank all of our fans, and the news media that got word of our show out to a greater number of people, and the number of alumni who have contacted us sharing their pride in Boston College they felt while watching The BC.

This has been an experience I wouldn't have given up for anything.

I wish Joe and Woody well as they head to LA to work for HBO, and I wait with baited breath for whatever comes from their creative minds.

I have added a couple more commercials to the website today, and I will be adding some more content over the next weeks until BC removes my FTP access.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stale like a piece of bread...

No ladies and gentlemen... We didn't accidentally forget to post a blog after 20 something days of no blogs.. it was intentional. Actually it wasn't, i just wanted to lie.

So it seems the day has finally come. CBS Evening News Tonight. After 4 months of waiting, we're finally on it! Should be a blast... we scrambled today to do crazy updates on the webpage to make everything look perfect. But perfection is our middle name... (at least thats what our moms tell us)

What else?! BEANMARCH last night was an incredible success... it was a concert put together for scenes in episode 4 featuring live bands, with money and proceeds going to the Pedro Arrupe Service trips. It was a fun time... Exhausting though. We all showed up at like 4pm to go until midnight.

The past month has been very exciting... I've enjoyed every second of it. Episode 4 has a billion scenes in it, so thats going to be fun flying through everything we need to do. But we are praying march 20th will be the day it comes out. (yeah lets hope my stuff doesnt crash this time)

Everyone's doing just great.. Jess seems like she's doing well in Rome... she even got recognized I think. Father Don is still the man... Congrats to our newly selected cast members, Mike Fox and Sarah Williams. They are going to do amazing things with us.

So thats all I really wanted to say.... just to let you know we're alive... Even if it goes out to the one person that reads these! (Alex A&S 97, you are our biggest fan.. even though I still think your name actually, legally is "A&S 97")


oh and PS: you know you're famous when you're going to be in Ellegirl... to all fourteen year-old girls, yes- I hate being a heart throb.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

And still going strong

We haven't intended to neglect the blog, it's just that we've been very busy, all of us.

We hope that you've downloaded the MP3 of 'St Ignatius Started the Fire' from the site, so you can put it on your iPod and rock out to it on your way to class. Also, we are very excited that Tim Russert has agreed to work with us next week. We are very excited for this opportunity.

In other news, we were very surprised when The OC gave us a nod, and it even made it into their episode synopsis (as Alex (A&S '97)) pointed out. From the synopsis: "Marissa and Julie return to the trailer with take-out Thai. Then Julie pulls out an Armenian menu for Marissa and Kaitlin to order from on Sunday night, while she’s at her “business meeting.” Marissa tries to subtly remind her mother that they have plans Sunday night, but Julie doesn’t know what she’s talking about. “Remember, we were going to order in food, watch The Sound of Music…” Huh? Oh… suddenly she catches on. But it’s too late, Kaitlin’s already lost her taste for Thai"

Our 'Armenian crown price' was thrilled by the nod, as was the rest of the cast.

I hope the other cast members will be posting the progress being made on Episode 4 soon, as I know everyone is excited to see what will happen next, and how the newest characters will affect the plot line. Stay tuned!

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A bump in the road

I almost titled this post 'And now the bad news,' but figured that would have been a bit too negative.... though not too far off.

Firstly, I hope everyone had a wonderful Xmas and New Years. I spent that week in North Carolina with relatives, and my grandparents called from Indiana to tell us that a bunch of pipes burst in my house when it got down to zero - ruining electronics in the affected area, which means that now I don't have a permanent internet connection now that I'm home. The other bit of excitement is that also that same week down in NC, the light inside my laptop screen went out which means I'm using an old monitor next to my laptop to work on the website.

Also, to correct Woody's proclamations about the refreshed website design that is coming online as soon as possible - it will look much the same, there will just be more stuff on the site and a better layout to get to the things already on there. A complete site redesign may be in the works, but for now we're just adding more content to the site and completely changing how it is laid out in pages and folders.

If you want to find out when the new site goes live, sign up for our mailing list on the front page of the site and you will be updated when we add new commercials to the site too.

I wish I had the new site up by now, but those pesky 'technical issues' came up. I'm glad that the producers (Woody and Joe) have been understanding of this delay. We will come up from the ashes of the old site with new content and a new humpday fix... when I get caught up.

I also wish to thank you, the viewer, for your patience.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Stocking Stuffers

No posts?
Obviously, my fellow members of the BC have not discovered the most literally lucrative form of procrastination: blogging. Honestly, it's great. You can bitch about whatever you want and if some one disagrees with you enough to post a comment it only results in more attention from more people centered around you. Or, if you can't find one thing to bitch about, you can always move on to the mundane details of your life, and even play by plays of your dreams. Who's going to stop you? For the more creative types, blogging is a venue in which to experiment, as one has complete freedom of speech ( well, freedom as we define it these days, or confine it..) Basically blogging is one self-satisfying trip into a world where criticism can be deleted, chaos can be spread, and the line between cockiness and confidence blurs in the vast realm of internet society.
That being said, let's get back to the BC.
Yes, it's true, tis finals season! It's a harried part of BC life that this sitcom/web cast has yet to depict. I could tell you all about the lovely hours I've spent in O'Neill typing up outlines and harassing people on AIM in order to quell my boredom, but look! I just did. Not so interesting.
So, in order to pique your interest and remain pertinent to the subject of this blog, The BC, I think it's about time we discussed some on campus celebrity sightings.

Joe Sabia/ Seth Lohan: Haunting the upstairs at lower live. Looks stressed, often surrounded by a concerned bevy of freshmen girls from his orientation groups mostly trying to push fro-yo in exchange for his autograph.

Father Don: Can almost always be easily located in his office in McElroy. I happened to run into him in front of lower, however, and was lucky enough to catch a few moments of his time to chat. As always, he seems delighted by the popularity of the BC, but fears many students may be avoiding him in order to escape his Jesuit mind meld techniques which are eerily reminiscent of those belonging to the Jedis knights depicted in George Lucas' Star Wars Trilogy. I reassured him that students were probably just swamped with finals.
* Celebrity trivia* Joe Sabia has not seen any of the Star Wars films.

Woody Tondorf/ Woody Atryan: Usually sighted in front of his now world famous Mod. Often engaged in various activities like building snow forts with his friends and dressing up as a penguin. While the penguin suit looked rather lovable, my sources agree that the James Bond get-up he was strutting a couple weeks ago takes the cake.

Sean Hanlon: Sean Hanlon sightings have come to an all time low since he arrived at the Shaw Christmas Party as the Grinch. Despite his green tinge, however, he seems to be doing well. Online sources reveal that all he wants for Christmas is the California sun.

Jess Colvita/ Autumn Strebor: Unfortunately, your celebrity insider does not ever see Jess on campus. Various theories may explain this phenomena, but my sources prefer the theory that after being asked out on one too many dinner dates that ultimately resulted in a superficial interest in her beauty, talent and celebrity, rather than her notable aim in beirut and speed shopping skills, Jess Colvita has taken to disguising herself as a nun to go to class.
Or maybe we just have very different schedules, either way, her mother's pillows made a splash at the premier as did her acting and fabulous evening wear.

Mike Cherkezian/ Prince of Armania: Found lurking on the main floor of O'Neil. Claimed to be doing a paper, but looked sufficiently suspicious for there to be serious doubts concerning this alibi. The next day he was spotted at Hillside chugging coffee and looking unquestionably groggy, did he pull an all night study session, or was he up to something more sinister? Last weekend's theater party sorely felt his most noted absence from the community. Perhaps this star has gotten a bit to big for the stage? We shall see.

Nicolle Buckley/Melissa Hooper: Like Jess, Nicolle is also scarce on the BC campus. Word on the street is she never leaves her dorm unaccompanied by a contingent of body guards that are capable of hiding this petite star with a flex of their biceps. Making a fashionably late entrance, she came to the second showing of the premiere of episode three. Dazzlingly decked in fashionable attire, she continues to woo audiences with her dead-on girl-next-door act.

Ryan Farnan/ Ryan Lukewater: This intense superstar was out of town this weekend accompanying BC's basketball team on their trek to Maryland where he had a tete a tete with the insider's roommate, Kate Balch. He has yet to be sighted since his return, but has been gracious enough to grace the Facebook pages with a brand new pic. Check it out.

Tim Cameron: The BC's evil villain can be seen running the cashiers at late night. Though he's always a friendly face to see through the masses of students bearing fried food, your celebrity insider must wonder whether his preparation for malintent on the sitcom stems from dealing with drunken revelers fumbling with their Eagle One Cards.

Stay tuned for the next inside guide to the BC: Hot stuff.

As Finals Come Down Upon Us

Thank you all for your patience with Episode 3. It was quite stressful to think we nearly lost everything, but we're back on track and everything is up and running smoothly.

However, as much as we'd love to have witty banter all this week on the blog and guestbook, we're all deep in the depths of finals. That means we are focusing on our books and making up for lost time earlier this semester during filming.

We hope the holidays are going well for all you out there in Internet-Land. We'll see you on the other side of finals.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC