Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Next Generation

The BC came from Joe and Woody's time in Asinine, a sketch comedy group. It would seem that the group is a fertile ground for funny parodies of popular shows. Another Asinine member, Rich Rosario, has made an excellent parody of Curb Your Enthusiasm and has posted the result to YouTube.

Rich is hoping to turn this into a full series, much like what The BC became. Our hat is off to him and we hope that he is as successful with his series as The BC was. Check out the two halves of the parody using this link.

When he gets a full website built for his show, we will make sure to post it here.

Best of Luck Rich!

Also, I have backed up all the videos onto Google Video just in case BC 'reclaims' their server space, so they are there for your enjoyment when you want them.

Adam Shipley
Webmaster, The BC