Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Our Trip to Hollywood

Wow... spring break was fun

Woody and I ventured on JetBlue to Hollywood to search for jobs. JetBlue was the best choice, did you know they have televisions on the back of the seats? That's pretty friggin cool.

LA is quite possibly the best alternative to current conditions in Boston (those being cold weather, cold weather, and cold weather) It's a cool place... our first night in, the academy awards were on and Woody said that if "Crash" won best picture, he'd jump in a cold swimming pool. 5 minutes later, he's in the deep end of a pool, swimming in utter irony.

Monday we met with some agents, and then monday night we went to the set of The OC... unreal. It's so strange knowing a spoof of a popular show ended up getting you on the set of the actual show you're making fun of... Bob DeLaurentis is a real stand up guy for taking three hours out of his schedule to hang out with, talk, and show us the set. As you can see Woody and I were like lepers in a neutrogena shop - extremely excited. And who would have thought EVERYTHING was filmed in a giant warehouse studio... even the beach scenes! What the hell is that all about?!

The rest of the week was loaded with interviews... we had interviews with Executives with Paramount, Mad TV, Sony, HBO, E Entertainment, Comedy Central, etc etc... I can honestly say I've never learned so much in my entire life than sitting in those offices listening and showing them our ideas. I think they liked our stuff... I was extremely impressed with HBO, it's just a magnificent place. During the day we busted out our suits, and at night we busted out our party hats, checking out the nightlife, going to bars (a BC one, which was cool) and even getting massages (hey might as well pretend I'm living the life). Wednesday night was awesome - Chris O'Donnell (you know, the "robin" in "batman and robin") took us out to dinner... probably the coolest BC alum you'd ever meet... and it's so weird knowing he lived 4 floors below me in my dorm. AWESOME guy. Apparently he's doing some stuff with Grey's Anatomy, which I'm sure he'll do phenomenally in.

The entire trip was pretty surreal and it looks like we'll make some progress (hopefully) down the road. I know all too well that's where I want to be... after all, if the weather's nice, that's one thing I have going for me.... right?

i'm tired.

enjoy episode 4.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously the girls of BC are envious of your Chris O'Donnell dinner party.

Loved episode 4, Joe - keep it up. the bc is absolutely fantastic.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Visiting the set of the OC must've been really sick.

Now I'm just waiting for episode 4 to finish downloading.

And another thing. In a future episode, would it be possible if you have one of the priests say "pax ex"? While it may not be grammatically correct, it means "peace out" in Latin. The phrase is something a lot of my friends and blog readers are familiar with, and if that somehow makes it onto The BC, I would love you guys forever.

That's probably too much to just keep it up. Can't wait to watch this new episode.

Pax Ex

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe I've beat out Alex (A&S '97) on making a post here.

Episode 4 was great. Whoever thought up Detective O'Hara's lines deserves a big slurpy beej. "If I have to read you like a book to end this case, I'll read every page... Even the goddamn glossary." Hilarious. As a Georgetown student, the Rhino Bar reference was also key.

Keep on with the great work, guys. The OC trip sounds great. Let's hope to see you guys working on some TV shows post-graduation.

10:36 PM  
Blogger k8 said...

your show is awesome guys! two years ago i left Orange County for Beantown and watched "The OC" when i was homesick, two months ago I came back and now I'm watching "The BC" and actually missing those sub-zero temps (sorta). Excellent work.

1:10 AM  

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