Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006, We've got all kinds of street cred

A happy near year, one and all! Big things in the mix these days, and I know all of you are breathless to hear it! Let's dish out the goods:

We missed a Humpday Fix or two over this winter break, but gosh darnit, if The OC can take a few weeks off, we feel that we've been granted a mandate to take a breather as well. That said, we're nearing completion of a new video that had me crying laughing in the first 30 seconds. I'll let this spoiler go: there's not a word of english. No word yet on whether or not the phrase "I want to make love to a clown" figures into it. We shall see.

We're also only a few days from bring aboard yet ANOTHER incredible musician. Ladies, gents, and Jesuits, I give you Jeannine Hebb. She'll be joining our already stellar lineup of Brendan Dailey and Kevin Brady as The BC's "Featured Artists." If you can't take the wait already, then you can check out some of her stuff at Myspace, under the name Jeanninehebbband. Yeah, it's one word. Like Pele...minus the Brazilian soccer. This girl's got a TON of talent, we're looking forward to sharing her with you.

Episode Four, episode four, episode four...I want to lock myself in a room like a monk with the 'ol laptop, Big League Chew, Batman Begins (Actually, these days it's Robin Williams Live on Broadway) and just crank this puppy out. Having some trouble with this episode, folks. We've only got two more episodes to go, so everything has to be wrapped up with a bow in just 100 minutes...and then we went and added two new characters. The plotline is mapped out, we just have to get the characters to say the stuff. That, and I'm looking to add some personal touches to the plot. It's both good and bad that some of the plot is similar to actual experiences we go through (at one point, Seth starts talking about Beanmarch in a way that you might as well just swap Beanmarch with The BC), and the personal drama makes for good dialouge, but it's tough to have an actual fight and think to yourself after you deliver a particularly good verbal jab "Hey, that was good. I should write that one down." So this episode is taking considerable time.

If you're going to be auditioning for either of the two parts (it's one girl and one guy), we will be accepting bribes. Stop laughing, we're serious. Ok, we're not...well, depends on the bribe.

If you've been reading the site, you know a major site overhaul is coming. Get ready, the new site will look NOTHING like the one we have now. hahaha, I look back on the days when our site was five character bios, one trailer, one episode, and in Joe's words "the background looked pretty disgustingly similar to vomit." It's 2006. We've come quite a ways. I still can't believe we were named "Webcast of the Year" by Bostonist. Improper Bostonian also says we're "In" for 2006. I got your street cred right 'ere, baby.

Hope your 2006 is happy, safe, and absolutely rockin'.
Cheers to you and yours,
Woody Tondorf


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