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I just heart about this new thing called "sleep"...

Hey, turns out people DO read this blog! Mr Dunn, this one goes out to you.

The premiere was NUTS. The 10 o'clock show was standing room only, and big ups to Scott McGoohan for emceeing the event. It was a good thing Scott wanted to help out, because final work on Episode three was completed at 9:15pm. To say that we were tired would be an understatement. Strom Thurmond was in better shape than we were...and yes, I do know Strom Thurmond is dead.

It's simply incredible to see hundreds of people, people who you don't know, come and sit quietly for 48 minutes to watch you. Seriously, it's extremely humbling. To all the kids who came out, I am very, very grateful. Thanks so much for making this such a great ride. I feel like Andy at the end of "Shawshank" when he finally breaks out of jail.

Now, on to the bits of the Episode Three that you wouldn't know or see unless we told you. It's The BC: Behind the Episode. "You think you know...and you probably do."

-The song played for the "previously..." is by Kevin Brady, called "Let's Be", off the album Restless Perfection. You will soon be able to check out featured artists and download their stuff off the site. Funny story about the "previously," we had always intended for a character to say the line "previously, on The BC," and several people had fought for that honor...and we completely forgot.

The "Jinkies" line: Apparently Joe's never seen "Scooby Doo, where are you?" It took forever to get "Jinkies" in that Velma way. And the script is plain to see as the only pieces of paper in the shrubbery. Yes, there is a script in every scene.

-In Melissa's plagarism scene, the word "plagarism" is never said. For BC administrators, I guess it's like saying "Valdemort."

-Yes, Father Don is writing "yard boy" in a large relationship chart through all 3 seasons of The OC. That took me a good 7 minutes...and I missed several names. When Father Don turns and says "E-Dubs..." There's several things written covertly on the chalkboard. One is, in Arabic, saying "I love you, Hollywood." The symbols to the left of it say that in Georgian as well, I believe. is on there, too (our comedy group), as well as a map of California and a "raar." That last one I'm keeping to myself...and yes, Father Erps ring tone is "Gold Digger" by Kanye.

Sean Hanlon's "Illegal Seafood" shirt is his intramural sports team. I think it's softball.

-In the cafeteria, when Melissa goes on about "It's that friend of Ryan's..." look at the newspaper. Somehow, we didn't notice that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's really creepy eyes are staring into your souls. Every time I watch this scene, that is all I see. We're sorry. Also, we filmed this scene at like 8am so the place wouldn't be incredibly crowded. We did not reckon that all the freshmen would we trooping through there around 8:45 and suddenly make the place seem packed. And then they disappaered just as quickly. Who needs closed sets anyway? And Melissa also carries the Boston magazine we were in.

(Also, I love how the smartest, "it" girl of Boston College has no idea what in hell is going on as everyone starts leaving her. Yes, we accidentally make Melissa Hooper incredibly stupid)

We put in the bit about the sisters partially to explain to everyone that, in fact, Woody and Ryan did NOT hook up with the same girl. People thought this was the case. Nope, even better, they're sisters...and gorgeous. God, I love this job.

When Hanlon says in the luxury box, "I told you not to get involved..." we have a shot of the hockey team practicing, then two seconds later in the background a zamboni is driving. Yes, in episode three we killed the hockey team. Outside, we have our first tripod sighting.

- Laura Murphy can't say "Traitorous pseudonym." We don't know why. The script for that scene is in the bag. I think there was an entire post dedicated to this scene.

-Thing we do in every episode: explain why the legendary "Keith" isn't in the room. Keith was the first person to say "I love college." After that, we make up new ways to explain how he disappeared, died, or what have you. Keith:The BC :: Kenny:South Park.

- Laura sounds so damn cute when she says "Fudge chips."

- How in the WORLD does the Dance Ensemble do those spins and leaps? After watching that, The B-ball team kept trying new ways to enter the room with spins and leaps and such. By Episode Five, we're going to need fireworks and an F-14 Flyover.

- Every time I hear Jared Dudley say in slow motion "Hit the weight room a little bit, I mean it," I lose it. Every time.

- If you can do Hinnant's dance at the beginning of the montage, I will buy you lunch. I mean it.

- Times it took Hinnant to hit that behind-the-back shot: over a dozen. Times it took Father Don in "The Rock" montage: one and done.


- The bush scene is one of my all-time favorites. We took forever filming this, since we had new ideas for a) how to hit seth and b)how to get him out of the bush. And yes, second tripod shooting. The script: in the tube at the beginning.

- God, Tim Cameron is a villian. This scene was his screen test back in September, and he got the part for his final, "Some people have sacrificed a lot to get you in here, Mr. Chekezian...I'll make sure they continue to." Of course, that same line landed Dave Bruin the McManus role, so I think we all do ok.

- hahaha, Joe has never looked so scary as he does when he first yells to Mike. I can't watch that, I can only listen. He IS yelling in Armenian, and he yells "Where is the bathroom, Cherkezian!"...I forget was he actually says after that, but the one word said afterwards is "...chicken."

- The McDonald/McManus scene is one of my favorite scenes in the entire series. Small note: McDonald never looks at another Trustee. Check it out again. He never looks at them. Ever. This scene was actually filmed in the Trustee room. It's HUGE.

- You gotta love that Father Don is staring at the wall and oblivious to Melissa's outburst. Nicolle looks really good in that scene.

"She's leaving today! To California!"...hahaha, you can practically read the lines off the script that she's pushing in Joe's face.

- From the four guitar strums to Woody's final walk-out, every second was composed by Brendan Dailey, a featured artist. The kid's got some incredible skills, and he's only a freshman.

- "Seth's going to be really disturbed by this occurance." I almost begged Father Don to just look at me and say "Seth's gonna be pissed."

- "Go get that girl Lohan. You know I'm right." ...and so she walked out of our lives forever...or did she??

- Farnan makes Coldplay so hot. The whiteboard behind him says "Get Lukewalker the ball" "Keep Follansbee out of the paint" "T.J, Norman, and Cedrone are gamers" "Do the little things right" and also has my screen name. If you can find it, IM me and tell me how you got it and you'll be featured on my profile as the biggest BC fan I know. No cheating. Let's keep this fair.

- The gym scene is filmed over the course of two separate days. Everything with Seth and Liz was filmed at a different time (note the socks and how the court itself is never in frame)
...and you should have seen the earlier drafts of this scene...MUCH different.

- the jersey Ryan throws is the one the girl on the side was wearing.

- Woody showing up wearing the hooded sweatshirt (you can hear the jangle of dogtags too if you listen) is supposed to symbolize him turning more back into the tough, streetwise Woody Atryan, but I doubt that got through.

- Father Don's reaction to a cell phone ringing is priceless to me. For the record, he never looks really surprised whenever "we didn't start the fire"plays.

- "Doc says lay off the skateboard for about 5 month though." Improv'd. Hilarious. This scene was supposed to take place in Father Don's office, which in the show is Hanlon's, which would have explained why Heffernan was around and working late. Oh well.

- The Georgian body guard is Jim Unis, one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. He constantly exhaled these long breaths when acting as the guard, which was funny to us beacuse Sean has his character constantly sigh and exhale throughtfully.

- "Translation: I want to make protection." Ummm, no. The actual translation of the Georgian is, well, he wants to do something inappropriate to a clown. Not making that up.

-Everyone wants to know who sent the ninjas, and what they were there for. You'll find out...eventually.

Ok, this is incredibly long. Thanks to everyone for sticking with this, I hope your Christmas breaks are awesome! Episode Four will be even better, and we're going to be having a casting call for one new male and one new female character! These two are going to stir things up in the BC, no doubt about it!

And if you're in Boston, check us out on Fox25 morning news Thursday, Dec. 22nd!!

Cheers to you and yours,
Woody Tondorf


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