Sunday, November 06, 2005

Traitorous Pseudonym

I'm starting to wonder when anyone else on the cast and crew is going to start putting up posts. Until then, I'll throw some tasty tidbits your way...because you've been good and I hear you joined the clean plate club.

The Newbury Street filming was a lot of fun. It's great to get out of campus every now and again and enjoy the life...not to mention the weather was absolutely magnificent. Filming was interesting, I had to get a bag for Laura to start taking items out of, but it turns out that several stores on Newbury won't just GIVE you a bag. Hey, United Colors of Benneton, I'm talking to you. Don't ignore me. And Pottery Barn, you rock. Seriously, we should hang out. Don't tell Benneton.

Things Laura Murphy has problems saying:
-Wilson Park
-Traitorous pseudonym
...Here's the funny thing, We practiced this scene with Joe and Laura like several million times, and she always had problems with those four words. She was a great sport about it, but it occured to us that we were ragging on a girl who had more acting experience and talent than all of us combined...I think she hinted subtlely at that, too. At any rate, it was funny. I will now find a reason to put "traitorous pseudonym" in EVERY script.

Speaking of script, here's a morsel for you to chew on. About halfway through filming episode two, we realized that in all our class scenes, in all our dorm scenes, you could see a script. Not blatantly in your face, but it was there. So, since the day we take ourselves too seriously we'll stop making the show, we put a script in EVERY scene. So now we're going out of our way to put them in every scene in ep. 3. Your challenge: find it in every scene after ep. 3 premieres and email/guestbook/blog us. To the first winning entry, we'll ship you a DVD of ep. 2 and 3 FREE. Maybe even a Wilson Park T-shirt to boot.

Speaking of which, check out Tell 'em The BC sent you. They make very funny shirts that are great-fitting. The cut is athletic, which rocks when yo think of all the t-shirts that are too boxy looing. We're currently wearing a few. I was wearing one that read "Facebook me" while I played Beruit with Tim Cameron, the whole time quoting "The Godfather" before each shot. I don't think Nelita will be friends with us after that one.

Wow, this was long. Hope your weekends were great, Tondorf out.



Blogger Princetongirlmac said...

Well...go to,
they have awesome t-shirts also.I too sometimes find myself saying things to my friends I later learn after a night at a pub...I guess I'm not the only that now that quotes from something other than books.

P.S Bonasera...Bonasera


6:39 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hey- but did you notice after you thoroughly abused me for saying "Winston Park" for the 15th time, I never got it wrong again. Intimidation tactics: the mark of a good director.

8:00 PM  
Blogger Princetongirlmac said...

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11:08 AM  
Blogger Princetongirlmac said...


I was wondering,how is it that you are able to get BC staff on the show?...

I bet you persuade with free B.C DVD's,Unlimited catering, and free "FaceBook Me" T-shirts.


7:09 PM  

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