Thursday, November 10, 2005

Marching Band

So, I walk into Band practice on Tuesday night and they are rehearsing "1863...a bunch of Ignatians made a college invasion"! The director, Dave Healey, told me Dean Sherwood suggested it for the Saturday night football game. Amazing. I learned today that the St. Ignatius started the fire" will be on the jumbotron during the game. For shizzell! As it turns out I will be in Rochester, NY officiating at a wedding. No! Not Seth and Autumn!

Today was a great day for the crew. CBS came to BC for The BC. Go team.
Saw my second episode of the O.C.! Verrry inttterrresting! said with the old Laugh-in show German accent. Most readers of this blog probably didn't even see that show on Nick-at-Night. Okay time to let you get back to study! People in this school really do go to class.

Peace out!
Fr. Don


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