Saturday, November 12, 2005

In the rap game, they call this "Blowin' up"

I am absolutely exhausted. The CBS National Evening News was here all of yesterday, which apparently is a HUGE deal. 4 million people watch the program (I don't know how many of them are college students, but I think their BC numbers will jump when they put that on). We won't know when it's airing until they tell us. It could be in a week, it could be in a month. But rest assured we'll let you all know.

We were pretty sure they would film us filming (which sounds really complex...and it is...) and then interview us. So Joe tells me to make up a scene. I am not a fan of making up a scene that we most likely won't use, but a request is a request, and I complied. What resulted was a scene written in 15 minutes about how Jesuits are like Jedis...I know I'm not the first person to think about this, but I should really stop playing Revenge of the Sith on a continuous loop. I just love to see Yoda fight. It's a guilty pleasure.

It was surreal to have these veteran camera and sound technicians paying attention to us, not to mention chatting up the producer and a very well-respected journalist. They were awesome, and they gave us some great advice. Jack Dunn, the spokesman for Boston College, was also there, and he gave us some very kind words. It means a lot hearing all these great things from people who are serious big deals.

They interviewed me in Joe's room (and thank God for that, because in our infinite wisdom, we decided to film outside in the Quad, where it was freezing...but a ton of people saw us, and we crave attention) and that was really surreal. This 50,000 dollar camera on a 15,000 dollar tripod, with all these cool lights and fancy filters...all focused on Joe's bed. If you were looking in from the other building, it looked VERY suspicious. So I jumped on Joe's bed and made the most seductive pose I could. I'm just a man. You would have done it too.

We then moved on to being filmed while watching the OC, so now the entire nation will see 14 dudes and two girls watching The OC. There goes my shot with any woman...ever. But something happened as soon as the camera started rolling during the show...everyone changed. We are notorious for shushing just about anyone who talks during the show, except for Scott McGoohan, whose every outburst is gold and ought to be recorded. Everyone started talking and yelling things out, myself included. This is the same guy who would serve a shorty if they opened their yaps during my OC, Tony Montana style. The dose of reality came from my roommate Dan McDonald (yes, I really did name a character after a'd do it too) who took it upon himself to try and shut everyone up. It was odd.

On a different track, did anyone see the bad guy surfer who steals Johnny's girlfriend and immediately say in their minds, "Back off, Warchild, I'm serious." (for those of you who are uncultured, it's a line from Point Break starring Keanu Reeves. It may be the best worst movie ever. Stop wasting your time and see that movie.) If the writers of The OC don't think to put that in some future episode, then they really need me more than I orginally thought.

God, I love long blog posts. To answer a couple questions, we're not having a casting call for episode three, as we have enough characters and no additions, but we are thinking about having one for episode four The Best Beanmarch Ever. And in response to how we're able to get these respected administrators and jesuits to do our commercials...well, we just ask. And we're humbled enough that these people who have a ton of responsibilites and obligations take time out of their day for the show. The men's soccer coach apparently loves the show and wants to be in a commercial, too. What have we created??


Anonymous Alex (A&S 97) said...

Being interviewed by the local Fox affiliate, CBS news and in talks with Disney? Jack Dunn visiting your interview with CBS? Yeah, it's official: you guys are big time. I'd be interested to hear if you guys have given any serious thought to what will happen after you graduate. Clearly this thing has enough momentum to carry you beyond next May.

2:23 PM  
Blogger Princetongirlmac said...

Woody & Joe(and the whole cast & crew of the B.C)


That's awesome, This is a great show and it deserves all the attention,and more. All the writing for the show is funny,witty,and memorable and I know studios will see it that way,which hopefully will get you guys to be able to make screenplays that will get a "little gold dude" in your hands.No doubt about that,and I wish you all the best,and with this CBS segment. Lets not forget that it will be a fact that...

Fr. Don will be a more of a rock star than he already is.

P.S Love the Micheal Bolton touch on the background.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Princetongirlmac said...

P.S For me...its watching the duel of Anakin & Obi that is my guilty pleasure,and it doesnt hurt to see that Yoda can kick some ass.

I had a question:

After graduation,Are you and Joe still going to be part of the show from a far or are you guys going to be fully involved?

7:12 PM  

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