Sunday, November 27, 2005

I think this calls for a huddle

Why is it after vacations you need another one? I'll tell you this though, after the next 10 days ahead, we're going to need a vacation. We're booked solid through this entire week, not to mention that Saturday is the first Asinine show of the year. We may play a trailer or a commercial during the show, that remains to be seen. We've got shooting dates lined up from Monday at 8:30 am down to Sunday, December 4th all day. I look to the future and shudder.

On the plus side, the premiere will rock for all of you who plan to go. There's going to be some BC trivia with some inticing giveaways. And if you attend the premiere and are not a BC student, you can expect some cool things as well.

On the business side, we've got a soundtrack meeting with Brendan Dailey tomorrow night to get the mod right in the final few scenes. It's always sad to kill off a character,, what? Uh, forget I said anything about that. I mean, this isn't Harry Potter, right? Right?

Get excited. We do all the work, you enjoy the product. Devlin 008 will be packed, so get there early on December 7th. Oh yeah, and we're going to be featured on Fox 25 news again. They're coming here Tuesday. Those cheeky Fox folks, we heart them. Yeah, I just wrote "we heart them." I'm just a man.

Cheers to you and yours,


Blogger Princetongirlmac said...

When is it airing?

who else wouldnt want to see the guys of the b.c? (too cute!)


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