Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Filming a villian, signing an artist

Tim Cameron scares the willies out of me. For those of you who don't know who Tim is, he plays the chairman of the trustee board, Dan McDonald. When this guy speaks, little evil midgets jump around in my stomach. He's just got one of those voices, you know? It's like the time you saw Bill Murray screw over and then ultimately beat Woody Harrelson in Kingpin...I don't care if the guy's funny, I wanted Bill Murray dead for 72 hours after that. Tim is just like that. He's Caleb and Julie Cooper mixed into one. You know he's evil and you know he's going to mess things up. You're going to love to hate him.

So St. Ignatius started the fire is online...and if you haven't seen it, stop wasting our time and go see it. Father Don is now a legitimate rock star, and I need people to start watching the Carlton dance more often so I can get my "mad props."

In more business news, we signed musician Brendan Dailey to do soundtrack work for us. This kid is going to rock you with his stuff. We got a chance to hear some of his earlier work before we signed him, and it's good. He came into our meeting ready to work and we were blown away. So get ready, facebook this kid already so you can say you knew him back when.

On the TV front, if you're in the Massachusetts area check us out tomorrow around 5:10pm on Fox 25 news. Of course Fox will love to lead into the new OC (finally! Schwartz, we gotta talk) with more OC related material, so that works out just dandy for us. Please excuse the fact that I'm hungover for that interview...we had the cast party the night before, and my last memory was Joe with a beer ball box on his head, dancing around. I woke up at 9:35 the next morning to Joe in the common room, yelling "Do you know what TIME it is?!"...our interview was at 9:30.

Hope you enjoy what you've seen so far. We've got new pictures on the way, and we all look like BAMFs in them. You heard it here first.



Blogger Tim said...

Sheesh. If I'm that scary...

12:31 AM  
Blogger Princetongirlmac said...

Woody & B.C:

Let me just say first that Father Don is a rock star, and its great you guys signed on Kevin Brady, my best friends live up in cambridge and I've heard good things about him. I may just have to come to Kinvara to hear him.Its great to see how great the b.c is doing and its only going to better. And if its true disney wants to talk to you guys, that would rock.So congrats on how good the show is doing

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Alex (A&S 97) said...

Tim is "teh HOT".

Seriously, the guy steals the show playing Trustee McDonald. He reminds me of Michael Douglas's character in Wall Street: all business and take-no-prisoners. Yeah, he's scary all right.

11:00 AM  

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