Thursday, October 27, 2005

Welcome from Woody

Welcome and hello to the millions upon millions who will come to this blog to say, "hey, I wonder what the cast and crew is doing in preparation for The B.C.?"

Well I'm doing a lot of writing. Writing the script for Episode Three, "Under New Management" in particular. I both really love and really hate the creation of a brand-new script, especially since it means I'll be burying myself in the lowest levels of O'Neill library with a package of Big League Chew (swingin' sour apple), the 'ol laptop with the Gray Album playing, and Batman Begins for when I'm the way, Batman Begins is the best of the Batman series...and take it from a kid who devoured comic books when he was younger. I used to think the Spiderman franchise would kick the shizzle out of Batman, especially after they made Val Kilmer...VAL KILMER!...Bruce Wayne, but this new movie was dead-on. Brilliant. But I'm getting sidetracked. Not the first time; won't be the last.

So I like making something out of nothing. Creating a good Seth line or a spot-on Father Don exchange is awesome. Making a good, emotional, got-you-by-the-reproductive organs-and-I-know-it scene makes all this worthwhile.

...Then I pitch it to the rest of the cast.

This is not to say that I disagree with what the cast or crew thinks. In fact, if it weren't for Sean Hanlon our plot would have more holes than 50 Cent pre-"Get rich or die tryin'." And Joe has contributed greatly to the Seth lines and in getting even MORE out of Father Don each time. And Farnan is...Farnan. I've been really impressed with how Ryan has gone with the Lukewalker acting. I mean, in real life Ryan is the nicest, most humble, unassuming guy you could meet. In scene, I want to smash the kid. He's that good.

Everyone takes a crack at what they like/don't like and where they think the mood of this character or scene should go. It's a group thing, and in the end, I couldn't be happier with where the episode ends up.

I wish we had put this up earlier so Joe and I could have taken the time to tell you about our Matty in the Morning appearance. We've gotten a lot of press recently, and it's all been incredible, but being on live radio with a guy who's had a hit morning talk show for 25 years was a rush. Add giant microphones and the fact that people were trapped in their cars and had to listen to me...perfect. The best part was Matty asking Joe and I, "What are you guys on?" He also compared me to Ben Affleck before his career went to hell, so I'm looking for someone to "beniffer" with. I should facebook that.

Thank you SO MUCH for checking us out. Every day that someone comments on the guestbook or stops us on campus or messages us...I never know what to say. It's an incredible experience, and I want to thank everyone for their support. We know you have better things to do with your time.

Woody Tondorf (Woody Atryan)


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